Paintball Mask Goggles

Paintball mask goggles are a vital piece of paintballing gear. No matter your level of paintball, wearing goggles should be mandatory. Paintballs hurt when they impact unprotected areas on the body. A paintball to the eye will certainly be painful and damaging. Wearing paintball goggles is the only method to protect your eyes during play.

  1. Dye I4 Thermal Paintball Goggles – Liquid Red: Not only are these paintball mask goggles cool, they offer the best protection on the market. These lightweight, low profile goggles protect the eyes from not only paintballs but from glare and UV rays. The added side vents eliminates fogging and keeps the eyes cool. Sharp looking and offering the best in protection is an excellent combination, making these goggles number one.
  2. Sly Profit Paintball Goggles: Boasts thermal sealed gradient lenses that resist chipping, glare, fogging and staining. Exceptional eye coverage packed in a low profile and lightweight structure. Provide wide area face protection including cheek and nose guards. These paintball mask goggles are well ventilated and built for hardcore paintball operations.
  3. Proto Switch FS Thermal Paintball Goggle: These paintball mask goggles offer full face protection with vents and slits to keep the face and eyes cool and sweat free. The added (removable) visor is there for additional sun protection and glare reduction. The multi-protection ear piece if state of the art and the silicon adjustment process for the eye goggles is easy maneuvering for on the fly adjustments.
  4. Empire E-Vents ZN Thermal Paintball Goggles. Provides a unique “V” shape protection platform for the eyes, nose and mouth. The well ventilated design allows easy speech and keeps the face cool and moisture free. Has a removable visor that provides added eye support through glare destruction. The design fits any style of paintball and dual lens design keeps you fog free.
  5. PMI Defender Paintball Anti-fog Mask: This full frontal mask provides all the whistles and protects not only the eye but nose, cheek and mouth. The sleek design keeps it a t a low profile and the lightweight material keeps fatigue at bay. These goggles are idea for backdoor play and provide for excellent visual coverage. The sleek design is sharp looking and practical, these goggle round out the list nicely.
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