Paintball Masks With Anti Fog

Paintball masks with anti-fog are easy enough to come by. The biggest challenge, however, is to find one that is best for your preferences. Whether you need maximum protection or ample peripheral vision, there are plenty of paintball masks with anti-fog to pick from.

  1. X-Power Camouflage Anti-Fog Paintball Mask. This mask comes with full protection of the face. The visor is also included and helps block out any distracting sunrays. It is well vented throughout the mouth area and boasts an adjustable elastic strap for maximum comfort. It is made out of dual density foam, which keeps the mask lightweight and extremely protective.
  2. V-Force Profiler Thermal Paintball Mask. This mask is known for having the best peripheral vision on the market. The grill is soft and centers on the face, instead of the jaw, which maintains comfort during play. Not only is the lens anti-fog, but it is also quick and easy to take out in order to change.
  3. Kee Action Sports 21405 SGL. This paintball mask is known for being the most protective to its players. It boasts full ear protection and its faceplate wraps completely around the head. Not only is the lens anti-fog, but it is scratch resistant as well!
  4. Tippmann TP420 Performance Paintball Goggle Mask. This mask has it all. Not only is it technologically friendly, but it is amazing at ventilation and protection. The venting over the mouth is wide enough to be able to communicate with other players, but it is also small enough to protect your mouth during play. The strap is adjustable and surprisingly comfortable due to its wide size. The goggles are anti-fog and do not disappoint.



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