Paintball Shooting Games

Paintball shooting games are used to help you improve accuracy and to have fun at the same time. While you complete these shooting games out in the field, you will actually be learning to steady your gun and get better accuracy when shooting long distance ranges. You will also learn how to shoot your paintball with deadly accuracy while you, the target or both are moving.

To complete this task, you need:

  • Paintball gun
  • Paintball ammunition
  • Targets
  • Friends
  1. Reserve a paintball field. The best place to play paintball shooting games is on an actual paintball field. This will help you get used to the surroundings and give lots of hiding places for your moving targets.
  2. Set up some stationary targets. Once you get to the paintball field, have some targets to set up that will not move. This is the first of the paintball shooting games. The best type of stationary target will be actual cardboard cutouts of your opponents. However, you can just use silhouettes of opponents that you cutout yourself from a large piece of cardboard.
  3. Get a distance away from the stationary targets. The further away you are the more difficult the shooting game will be, which means you’ll be doing more to improve your accuracy. Ask your friends to hold the targets from the bottom and pop them out randomly. Then, you can shoot them as you see them.
  4. Add some decoy targets. The paintball shooting game gets more interesting when you add decoy targets. Get some cardboard cutouts of things you’re not supposed to shoot during a paintball match, such as targets marked as members of your own team or wildlife like deer. Ask your friends to mix up and hide with all the targets. As they pop out, you must shoot those that represent your opponents and leave the others alone.
  5. Incorporate moving targets. This is where paintball shooting games get really challenging and fun. The friends you brought along must act as moving targets. As they run through the paintball field, you must focus your gun and shoot with accuracy in order to knock them out, as you would with opponents in a real match. To make this paintball shooting game even more challenging, start moving through the field yourself. The hardest shot is when you and the target are both moving.
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