Paintball Skull Mask

Add some creativity and excitement to your paintballing experience by purchasing one of these paintball skull masks. Despite the appearance of a human skull, these paintball masks are not novelty items—they offer just as much protection as a regular paintball mask. Strike fear into the hearts of your opponents by transforming yourself into the grim reaper of paintballing.

  1. RAP4 Airsoft Tactical Skull Mask. This paintball mask is molded so that the shape actually resembles a skull, rather than simply painting a skull onto a normal paintball mask. The eyes are constructed using 22 gauge mesh wire that will offer you clear vision while preventing penetration; the mask offers enough space that paintball goggles (sold separately) can be worn underneath for extra protection.
  2. Airsoft Paintball Full Face Tactical Skull Mask. Although similar to a skull, this paintball mask resembles a zombie or a corpse with some flesh still on the face, offering a slightly different aesthetic than the RAP4 tactical skull mask. Whereas the RAP4 mask stops at the forehead, this paintball mask covers the entire face. Similarly, wire mesh eyes will require goggles underneath in order to be useable in competitive play.
  3. Save Phace So Phat Series Skull Paintball Mask. Unlike the previous two masks, this paintball mask is not molded in the shape of a skull. Instead, it is a standard black paintball mask with with a white skull painted on the front. It has an anti-fog, anti-scratch lens, so an additional pair of goggles is not necessary. The front teeth on the mouth resemble fangs so if you're into vampires, this is the paintball mask for you.
  4. Save Phace Dope Series Paintball Mask. If you liked the previous mask but didn't like the colors, check out this paintball mask. While similar in construction to the So Phat series, this paintball mask is white and with details all over as opposed to just the front. Cracks in the "skull" appear on the top and sides for added realism.
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