Paintball Techniques

Novice and skilled players alike will benefit from the same fundamental paintball techniques. In total, these techniques come from totally different stripes, and not all suit every paintball player. That being said, we're sure you'll find some amazing paintball techniques here in this guide that will fit your style perfectly. Read on and discover some new techniques for your paintball competitions!

  1. Lead with the opposite foot. Right handed shooters should lead with their left foot. This is just much easier when the physics of paintball are laid out; a hand extended on the right side will collide with a body turned that same way. Left-handed shooters should obviously lead with their right foot.
  2. Hide your whole gun. Many people let their loaders, or "hoppers", peak out from their position. The hopper can be quite annoying in paintball, due to its awkward nature. Nonetheless, it's very important to remain as concealed as possible.
  3. "Pinch" your enemy. One of the more popular paintball techniques, "pinching" involves attacking a sedentary enemy from two sides. If you don't eliminate the opposing player immediately, you'll make him/her flee the bunker quick.
  4. Have a structure. In paintball, you're a goner without a concrete plan of who is in charge and who is going to go where. A captain must always be appointed in paintball, with individual squad leaders/lieutenants/sergeants being optional.
  5. Cover each other. When it's time to move, get your other team mates to spot you while dodging enemy fire. Suppressing fire is absolutely essential to the overall plan of paintball. Thus, everyone covers each other, works as a team, and wins as a team. Individuals will be slaughtered alone on the battle field.
  6. Watch for shooters. Individual shooters have to poke their pretty little heads out to navigate, aim, and fire their marker. This is your chance to get them while the getting is good. A friend being peppered with enemy fire definitely could use your help taking out his/her antagonist quickly (and easily).

Keep these paintball techniques in mind next time you hit the field. As a final note, never engage in a paintball match without proper safety protocols being adhered to. Wear a mask at all times when on the field (never, ever violate this rule no matter who says it is okay), listen to the referees, and do not shoot when closer than 10 feet of an opponent. Other than that, enjoy your next game of paintball with the utmost precise strategy at hand!

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