Paintball Training Drills

Practicing paintball training drills is a great way to get more competitive with paintball.  Your team may not want to seriously compete, but it is quite fun to get better at something – and paintball is no exception.  Here are some ideas for paintball training drills to help you and your team improve in paintball.

  1. Take note of the opposing team and plan.  In any sport you have to have a plan in order to win.  Study the opposing team and come up with one.  For instance, you may want to go after their strongest player(s) first – or save them for later.  Work out strategies and communications for the upcoming battle to prepare.  If you and your team can train like this, you will work much better as a cohesive unit.
  2. Practice "pinching."  Pinching in paintball is going after the opponent at the same time on two wings.  Train doing this, working on timing and knowing when to take the first shot.  Make the first shot count.
  3. Shoot and move.  This can be one of the best training drills, whether you're with your team or not.  If you can become proficient at shooting when you're moving, you will be on your way to becoming a force in paintball. 
  4. Put it all together.  Train with your team in casual matches with these strategies.  These drills when put together can be very lethal.  While it can be beneficial to use these paintball training drills on their own, putting them together can help your team work on putting these elements together in a fluid fashion.



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