Palm Pre Plus Apps

With the wide range of Palm Pre Plus apps available for download, it’s a no brainer that there are going to be more useful ones than others. If you’re browsing the available apps and are unsure of what to get, you shouldn’t worry. Made Manual has weeded through the heaps of apps to find the best and most useful Palm Pre Plus apps for you!

  1. Facebook. Obviously, there doesn’t have to be much explaining for this app. If you’re like most other people, you’ve made a Facebook account at some point in your life and it deserves to be checked and used. Now you can totally do this right from your Palm Pre Plus using the Facebook app. It’s small size is perfect for doing all of the ordinary Facebook activities such as keeping up with a  messaging conversation, updating your status, and more.
  2. The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel app brings an extensive amount of useful weather information straight to your finger tips when you download it. Keep up with what’s going on in your area, receive weather alerts, use it when travelling, and so much more. It’s a great little app to keep around for when you want a quick update on the weather situation.
  3. Flashlight. There isn’t a whole lot to this app except for the fact that it turns the screen completely white, making for a pretty useful makeshift flashlight. If your Palm Pre Plus wasn’t great at lighting a room before, it should be once you turn this app on!
  4. Poster. Poster is a neat, useful app for updating and editing posts in your WordPress blog. You can even take care of other tasks straight from your Palm Pre Plus such as add in pictures, tags, links, categories, and more. Once you’re finished with your post, you can immediately publish it to your WordPress blog. After this, you’re done!
  5. Grocery List. Grocery List makes it simple to get your grocery shopping done without having to search for pen and paper. All you’ve got to do is add items to your grocery list, check them off as you get them and then purchase. When it’s time to make another list, you can even add in foods automatically that you’ve gotten in the pastthrough the use of the app’s memory. It’s one of the most genius Palm Pre Plus apps, and you won’t have to waste anymore paper on grocery lists!
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