Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Sex Tape

The infamous Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape entitled, “Stolen Honeymoon,” was released back in 1998. This video was the couples documentation of their honeymoon, which was allegedly stolen from the couple. However, many individuals close to the couple claim that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee released it onto the Internet as a publicity stunt to revive their careers.

Nevertheless the couple made a whooping $1.5 as a result of their lawsuit against the distribution company that marketed this home video. Still frames of this sex tape first appeared in “Penthouse” before being blasted all over the Internet. The couple have since released the sex tape to be distributed on their own terms. This video still remains popular even today, and is a topic frequently readdressed at interviews with each celebrity. It was also the main topic of discussions on “The Roast of Pamela Anderson.” The couple later divorced due to domestic violence on Tommy Lee’s part.

Pamela Anderson is best known for her roles on “Baywatch” and “Home Improvement.” She has also appeared in many “Playboy” pictorials and was once the Playmate of the Year. She later was involved with Kid Rock, which has so far remained sex tape free. But Pamela Anderson’s relationship with singer Bret Michaels prior to her marriage to Lee did resulted in the release of another sex tape.

Tommy Lee became famous as the original drummer for metal band Motley Crue. He started in his own reality show, “Tommy Lee Goes to College.” The show was cancelled after six episodes. Sadly, the entire show was all a sham, as Lee was never really an enrolled student at the University of Nebraska.

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