Pamela Anderson Biography

As one of the most famous blonde bombshells since Marilyn Monroe, many men have an interest in Pamela Anderson’s biography (and body). She came from rather humble beginnings, but quickly made an impression on Canada, the United States and even far off Kazakhstan.

  1. Pre-Fame: Pamela Anderson was born in British Columbia on July 1, 1967. She was the daughter of a repairman and a waitress. She moved to Vancouver after graduating from secondary school and was first discovered during a sports game, when she was caught on the jumbotron screen looking hot. From that point, she was able to enter into a successful modeling career.
  2. Playboy Career: Anderson really rose to fame when she graced the cover of "Playboy" magazine in October 1989. She soon packed her bags and permanently took up residence in Los Angeles. In February 1990, Anderson was chosen as Playmate of the Month. Another two big changes came during this time when she decided to get breast implants. From then on, Anderson was recognized by men everywhere and continued appearing in "Playboy." Anderson has been featured on the cover of "Playboy" a record eleven times.
  3. Acting Career: Anderson’s first acting role in the U.S. was the Tool Time Girl on the TV show "Home Improvement." This role basically involved her walking around holding tools and looking sexy. Her most well-known TV show character was C.J. from "Baywatch," who she played from 1992 to 1997. Anderson’s slow motion running on the beach inspired thousands of fans across the world to religiously watch the show each week. Although this was her most famous role, Anderson did also star in the movie "Barb Wire," which didn’t earn great box office success. She also recently was featured in the TV show, "Stacked" in 2005 but it was soon cancelled. Her biggest cameo role in recent years was her mock kidnapping encounter with Sasha Baron Cohen in "Borat."
  4. Love Life: Anderson’s love interests sparked a bigger interest in male fans than her actual career. She has had a multitude of high-profile romances, engagements and brief marriages, but her most famous relationship was with Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee. They married after knowing each other mere days, and it was during their honeymoon that their infamous sex tape was made. Their relationship was off and on for years, until Anderson publicly announced that she had contracted Hepatitis C from Lee when sharing tattoo needles. Anderson has also been engaged to musician Kid Rock, but they are no longer together. Anderson has two sons, both with Tommy Lee.
  5. Causes: Anderson is a passionate PETA member. She has appeared a number of public ad campaigns (often naked) to prevent cruelty towards animals. She is against animal testing, as well as fur clothing. She has been a vegetarian since she was a child and recently boycotted Kentucky Fried Chicken for their treatment of chickens.
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