Pandemic 2 Strategy

As a famous online Flash game, "Pandemic 2" strategy is more in-depth than you would expect. As with most big name games, "Pandemic 2" features variable gameplay and an easy-to-use interface. In a sense, "Pandemic 2" isn't so much a sequel to the first "Pandemic," as it is just a major improvement. Let's go over some "Pandemic 2" strategies below to get you going spreading that virus of yours!

  1. Go undetected. When your disease resembles something like the common cold in "Pandemic 2," humans will (for the most part) just ignore it. However, reaching the status of a sinister strain will force nations to take evasive action, hurting your potential for spreading yourself all over the world. A successful shut down of airports, borders and sea communication will eventually halt your pandemic's progress. Sell any symptoms you have to go undetected for a long time.
  2. Resist! Building up resistance to level four in "Pandemic 2" will make it very hard for humans to come up with a vaccine. Nonetheless, they will still figure one out, so it's really best to keep focusing on infecting new areas. Target your abilities towards conquering the countries that are not yet infected.
  3. Transmit. Transmission methods are the ways in which your disease gets from host to host. It can be transmitted airborne, waterborne or even through insects. The more ways the disease can transmit itself, the more ways it can infect people.
  4. Go detected. Once all nations have been infected in "Pandemic 2," it's time to buy all of the symptoms you can. The more severe the symptoms in "Pandemic 2," the more damage they do to their infected hosts. That means that the real pandemic is on!
  5. Play it through. As humanity's numbers begin to dwindle, hospitals will shut down and the more they shut down, the less chance there will be for successful deployment of a vaccine. Your domination of the game is imminent; just play it through and keep buying upgrades to accelerate the run to victory.

"Pandemic 2" strategy can take a wide variety of paths in the game, from the subtle parasites to the highly resistant bacteria. You'll always need to be one step ahead of humanity with your "Pandemic 2" strategy and always remember that making a big scene will only scare people into finding a vaccine for you. With those tips in mind, you ought to be good to go, so have some morbid fun with "Pandemic 2" and happy spreading!

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