Parallel Bar Exercises For Men

Parallel bar exercises for men are perfect for working the inner core and upper body. Men can work both of these parts of the body without having to spend much money to do so. The parallel bar is also great for many sports training exercises because of the upper and inner workout you receive. There are a number of exercises that go along with using the parallel bar. 

  1. Upper Arm Moves. You want to switch arms continuously as you swing back and forth, working your inner core to hold yourself up with one arm. You want to keep your forearms at 90 degree angles and hold the bar loosely in your hands. Keep your shoulders above the bar and swing using your core muscles.
  2. L-Sit. Hold your legs out straight in front of your body to get the maximum workout. This forms an L with your torso and works out the abdominal muscles. Hold the sit for 30 seconds and then let go, resting for a couple of seconds before doing it again. Tuck your knees into your chest in-between as well for less of a workout.
  3. Ball Planche. Hold your body straight over the bar. Your body should be parallel to the ground when you do this. Tighten the muscles in your back and straighten your knees out. Lean forward over the bars and keep your arms straight at all times. Your back should be parallel to the ground and your shoulders in front of your hands. This exercise should be performed using a spotter for safety.
  4. Parallel Bar Dips. You want to go up and down on the bar to gain core strength and arm strength. This will help you become acquainted with the parallel bar and will allow you to gain more strength for harder exercises using the bar.
  5. Use other methods of workouts to strengthen the upper body. This will allow build strength in your upper body. This also provides you with a great workout routine that offers more than just one type of tool. 
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