Parallel Bar Exercises For Strength

These parallel bar exercises for strength encompass a concentration on upper body workouts. Don’t kid yourself, parallel bars take an enormous amount of strength. The gymnast for the most part is carrying their body weight over a parallel routine entirely with their arms. This takes strength and technique to maintain.

  1. Parallel Dips: Perform dips on the parallel bar as a simple exercise that will work your arms and upper shoulders. Simply stand between the two bars, place a hand on each one and lift your self up. Tuck your legs under your rear and lower yourself downward. Do a minimum of fifteen dips for three sets at least three times a week.
  2. Parallel Push Ups: Another simple exercise that will work upper body as well as arms. Mount the bars, bracing yourself with your hands. Fully extend your body. Place a foot on each parallel bar and a hand as well. Using only your arms, lower yourself towards the bar. Dip down until your arms are bent at the elbow and in line with your back. Perform three sets of twenty three days a week.
  3. Parallel Pull Ups: Body weight exercises are some of the best resistance training you can have. For this parallel bar exercise, you want to approach the parallel bars from underneath. Grab hold of each bar with a hand and leap up to wrap your legs around the bars. Lower yourself until your arms are fully extended and then lift up until your check is even with the bottom of the bar. Perform this in three sets of twenty at least three days a week.
  4. Parallel Bar Hang: Place both legs over one of the parallel bars and both hands on the opposite bar. Your body should be under the opposite bar with your arms fully extended. The idea of this exercise is to keep the arms extended and carry your weight for three minute intervals with one minute rest between. This will work to strengthen the arms and stretch them out, making them more agile when performing on the parallel bars.
  5. Parallel Bar Hand Stands: With a hand firmly planted on each bar, put your body erect. Hand stands should last for as long as you can manage with increase times as you increase strength. This exercise will work upper body strength and balance; both are which very useful to a parallel bar gymnast. You can mix in lag movement to splits or one leg forward and the other back as your skill level progresses.
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