Parallel Bars Conditioning Exercises

Parallel bars conditioning exercises will help you become more successful when incorporating the parallel bars into a gymnastics routine. Professional gymnasts can utilize the parallel bars to complete routines for competition. They can also help you condition and strengthen your upper body by using them for key exercises.  

  1. Do push-ups. To condition for the parallel bars in gymnastics, you need to have exceptional upper body strength. This is because you’ll be holding up your entire body weight during the routine. Regular bicep push-ups and triceps push-ups can help get your upper body in shape for the parallel bars routine.
  2. Get more upper body strength with parallel bar dips. Suspend your body from the parallel bars by gripping on either side. Bend your knees so your feet are raised. Then, dip your body downward by bending at the elbow. Slowly raise yourself back up. This will work your chest, back and triceps.
  3. Build up your core. Along with strengthening your upper body, you also need to have very strong core muscles. Suspend your body from  the parallel bars and raise your knees up to your chest. This is an excellent strengthening exercise that works your entire core.
  4. Incorporate all the necessary skills into practice sessions. A competition routine using the parallel bars must contain several key components that all use a different muscle group. First, you must include a movement that swings your body above the bars. You also need a movement that swings your body below the bars. Finally, you need to involve some movement that involves letting go of the bars with both hands and then gripping them again.
  5. Use competition set parallel bars to practice your routine. A very important and essential part of conditioning for the parallel bars is going through your actual routine. The bars you use to practice should be competition standard, meaning 350 centimeters long and 195 centimeters high. How far apart the bars are typically depends on your body size.
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