Parallel Bars Training Tips For Men

These parallel bars training tips for men will help you become a better gymnast. The parallel bars are an exceptionally challenging gymnastics apparatus that require exceptional upper body strength to complete routines. Part of training for the parallel bars for men  is strength training, and there are also some drills you can do on the parallel bars.

  1. Swing on the bars. To help you train for parallel bar routines, you need to get used to the feel of the bars. Put both hands on the parallel bars and swing your legs back and forth. Pay attention to which muscles are working hard and which are straining. This will help you figure out which muscle groups need a little more attention in the weight room.
  2. Do parallel bar dips. This is a great exercise that works out your upper body and helps you get the feel for the parallel bars at the same time. Basically, swing from the bars just as you’ve been doing. Lift your legs off the ground and use a firm grip. Then, dip between the bars by bending your elbows. Try to get as low as you can to work out all your upper body muscles.
  3. Add push-ups. Push-ups are a great training exercises for parallel bars because they basically work out all the same muscles that are being used during parallel bar routines. Try to do at least two straight minutes of push-ups at a time, and get in at least a couple of sets a week to keep your upper body strong.
  4. Work your core. This is very important because you utilize your core muscles during every parallel bar routine and exercise. There are a few different ways you can go about this. You can go the traditional route of sit-ups, crunches and leg lifts, or you can use the parallel bars themselves. Balance on the parallel bars by gripping each one. Lower your body just a little as if you were doing a parallel bar dip. Then, hold that position. Use your core muscles to stabilize you. Really tighten those muscles and feel the burn as you steady yourself. Slowly move into a new position and do the same thing. Try to keep it up for at least two minutes straight.
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