Paris Hilton Sex Tape 2007

It’s pretty sad that the highlight of Paris Hilton’s career very well may be the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape in 2007. Released under the title “1 Night in Paris”, the Paris Hilton sex tape ended up being just another pathetic story of one celebrity scumbag exploiting another.

In a way, Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon was a perfect match. Neither has any discernible talent, yet both feel entitled to the fame and fortune that has been bestowed on them. Hilton, as we all know by now, is essentially famous for being the great granddaughter of the Hilton Hotels founder – in other words, she is famous for being rich. Salomon’s fame stems from the fact that he has dated a bunch of famous chicks; besides Hilton, he also has Shannon Doherty, Pamela Anderson, and Elizabeth Daily listed on his stud résumé. But perhaps his biggest claim to fame now is his co-starring role in the Paris Hilton sex tape.

It was Salomon himself who was responsible for the release of the Paris Hilton sex tape. Obviously, he wanted to make a quick buck once he saw his ex starting to get famous. The Paris Hilton sex tape was filmed in 2001 – three years before it would be formally released in 2004. It was obviously a home video, never meant for release, filmed with a single stationary camera, and mounted on a tripod, using the “night vision” setting. But then again, anyone who agrees to have sex on film is just asking for trouble.

Paris, for her part, denies that she had anything to do with the distribution of the Paris Hilton sex tape. She claimed she was in an altered state of mind and had no idea what was going on. Still, perhaps she should be grateful for Salomon’s sleazy entrepreneurship. After all, it has showed the world that Paris might at least have one talent, after all.

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