Parody Songs

Parody songs have occurred throughout music history. Some songs you just want to make fun of either because they suck or because it's just fun to poke fun at them. Listed below are some of the funnier parody songs from past and present. 

  1. "Eat It" by Weird Al Yankovic. This popular parody song by Weird Al became an American nationwide craze when it hit the airwaves. "Eat it" was a parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" song from Jackson's 1983 "Thriller" Album. The lyrics are written in the second person in the form a a scolding parent talking to a child who won't clean his plate. 
  2. "99 Dead Baboons" by Tim Cavanagh. A popular favorite on the "Dr. Dimento Show", this parody song made fun of "99 Red Balloons" by songwriter Nena who originally sung her song in German. "99 Red Balloons" and "99 Luftballoons" were protest songs about balloons in the sky upsetting both East German and West German military forces while floating over the Berlin Wall. Tim Cavanagh's parody song is all about dead baboons as the title suggests. 
  3. "It's Howdy Doody Time, It Isn't Worth a Dime" by various artists. There are many parodies of the "Howdy Doody" theme song with these first two lines intact. These lines have been followed by the following: "And as for Clara Bell, she can go staight to hell," "it smells like turpentine, it looks like Frankenstein," "so turn to channel nine and let's watch Frankenstein," etc. 
  4. "I'll Be Stoned for Christmas" by Bob Rivers. Comedian Bob Rivers wrote this parody song of Bing Crosby's classic "I'll Be Home for Christmas". You can probably imagine what this parody song is about: "Sparkin' up some green and rolling bones for Christmas dinner."
  5. "Hey Dude" by Beatallica. Beatallica was the first band to make parody songs fusing the music of The Beatles and Metallica. "Hey Dude" is based on the song called "Hey Jude" by the Beatles. The parody song is about taking a thrash song and making it better. 
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