Parts Of The Vagina

To many people, particularly men, the parts of the vagina are a frivolous study. Couple this with the rest of Man-Dom thinking they do know it, and it leaves most of us pretty ignorant on the subject. There is more than meets the eyes here, gentlemen. Each part of the vagina has a distinct purpose and a special place in the overall design. There are parts that may induce more of our curiosity and others that may make us cringe or turn a sideways, quizzical look. The five most important parts of the vagina are what we in the Men-dom need to truly understand if we ever have any hopes of truly understanding our women. And how many times have you been accused of being insensitive to "female" problems?

  1. V is for "Victory! As men, we usually refer to everything between a women legs as "the vagina" but that area is actually known as the vulva. There is this whole other thing going on behind the scenes. The vagina itself is the tube that goes from the outside to the inside and leads down to the womb, or cervix.
  2. Angels and Demons rejoice! The clitoris is the part of the vagina that has had so much written about it that the volumes of text and images would rival the study of human life, religion and space. OK, maybe not that much, but it is held in high regard. The clitoris contains more nerve endings than any other part of a woman's body–8,000, to be exact. It is pea-sized and sits at the top of the vagina like a queen on her throne. Know the clitoris, gentlemen! It's vagaries and absolute power have been known to topple men and women of great knowledge! It can make the heavens open or keep itself shrouded in frustrated secrecy.
  3. The boundaries are clearly defined! The Labium Majora are the parts of the vagina that set the left, right, top and bottom limits. They are folds of the skins that act as a first line of defense to protect the other parts. They are set at the very base of the inner thighs and in the upper area, they take shape as the body flows into the pubis region. In the south, the limits are set at the anus. Crossing that line could prove dangerous! Consider yourself warned!
  4. It's curtains for you, Mugsy! Curtains! Like the clitoris, the Labium Minora are very sensitve and complicated. Many guys refer to this area as "the lips" of the vagina because, well, that's just how guys are. This part of the vagina runs from the base all the way up to the clitoris and is a major factor in keeping the vagina healthy. It performs natural cleaning and protection duties and can change color depending on mood! Note: If a woman is in a mood that you just can't gauge, DO NOT ask to see her labium minora!
  5. Urethra! We found gold! The urethra is the tube that transports urine from the bladder so that a women can pee guys. We know, sometimes we don't even want to acknowledge its existence as it can conjure up images of your lady on the toilet but, hey, it happens. You have one, too and it's impossible for them to avoid it in some situations. You know…(elbow jab, elbow jab-slap on the back!)
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