Party Appetizers

Party appetizers do not have to require an apron and a tray of miniature hot dogs. Suit the appetizer to the style of the party, and keep it as formal or casual as you like. The party appetizers here don't require any special skill, or stress, so the host can have as much fun as the guests. Food just has to be good, not difficult.

  1. Hot Olives. Dump a container of olives into a warm skillet. Sprinkle on a little olive oil, some red pepper flakes and sliced jalapeño and stir. Serve in a bowl.
  2. Nuts. For easy and fun party appetizers, line up a row of jars or glasses that are all the same size, and put a different kind of nut in each one.
  3. Fruit. Buy already washed fruit at the store if you're especially lazy, and serve in combos that go together well such as blueberries and green grapes (round with contrasting colors) or strawberries and raspberries (all red).
  4. Easy Bruschetta.  Slice a baguette on the diagonal. Toast on both sides in a hot skillet brushed with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Spread with a spoonful of salsa. This is one of the classic party appetizers, sure to impress your guests.
  5. Cold Shrimp. It doesn't get easier than this. Buy a bag of precooked frozen shrimp. Get the best quality you can find. Set in a colander in the sink about an hour before the party. Drain and put in a serving bowl. Serve icy cold with cocktail sauce.
  6. Cheese. Buy at least four different kinds of good-quality cheese. Set on a board or a tray with a couple of small knives for easy to manage party appetizers.

Tip: Nice-looking bowls and plates make food look appetizing. Skip anything paper or plastic when serving up party appetizers.


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