Party Of Five’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

The "Party of Five" cast: where are they now? That's a great question. "Party of Five" aired on Fox from 1994 to 2000 and is the lowest rated show to ever receive a Golden Globe for Best Drama. The show followed the Salinger family after their parents died in a car accident and the children were left with their oldest brother, 24-year-old Charlie (Matthew Fox). The show highlighted issues such as cancer, drug abuse, addiction, abuse and just life in general. The other children on the show were sixteen-year-old Bailey (Scott Wolf), fifteen-year-old Julia (Neve Campbell), eleven-year-old Claudia (Lacey Chabert) and baby Owen. Other regulars throughout most of the show were Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scott Grimes and Jeremy London. Recognize any of those names? You should. As when every show ends, the major question is: where are they now? While some actors moved to bigger things, some did not. Maybe this little list will help discover who's who in "Party of Five" ten years later. So, where are they now? Let's find out.

  1. Matthew Fox. Fox has starred in some hit movies over the last decade, like "We Are Marshall," "Speed Racer" and "Vantage Point." He has become best known for his work as Dr. Jack Shephard on ABC's "Lost."
  2. Scott Wolf. Since his role on "Party of Five," Wolf has had a few other roles with some success. He was in the WB/CW's "Everwood" for its duration and has a major role in ABC's hit show "V." He has spent most of the last few years with his wife and two sons.
  3. Neve Campbell. Since her work as Julia, Campbell has survived the thrillers "Scream," Scream 2" and "Scream 3." She also starred in movies like "Three to Tango" and "Partition" and had a small recurring role on "Medium." She is rumored to star in a 2010 movie called "Owl Song" and is revising her role as Sidney in "Scream 4" in 2011.
  4. Lacey Chabert. Everyone loved Claudia, just as everyone loves all of Chabert's fun-loving roles, like her stint in "Mean Girls" opposite Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan. She has done a lot of voice acting in "The Wild Thornberrys" and "The Spectacular Spider-Man." She was recently in "Ghost of Girlfriends Past."
  5. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Hewitt was the star of a "Party of Five" spin-off series called "Time of Your Life." The show was short-lived, however, and after its finale she ventured into the movie world. In 1997, she starred in the hit movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and it's sequel "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" a few years later. She did some other movies, "Heartbreakers" and "Garfield." She stars in the CBS show "Ghost Whisperer."
  6. Scott Grimes. Grimes is a well-known actor, voice artist and musician. After his time as Will McCorkie on "Party of Five," he starred in the Oscar-winning TV Mini-series "Band of Brothers" and had a recurring role on "ER" from 2003 to 2009. He is also in the 2010 film "Robin Hood," starring Russell Crowe. Grimes plays Robin's nephew, Will.
  7. Jeremy London. After his supporting role as Julia's husband, London moved a couple years later to "7th Heaven" for two seasons. He spent many years doing made-for-TV movies and small appearances in television shows. He has recently made his way back to the silver screen


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