Party Spritzer Recipes

If you want to impress your guests at your next gathering find a party spritzer recipe. Party spritzers became popular in the 70s. In fact, during this time several liquor companies marketed bottled spritzers in six pack containers. White wine party spritzers are the most common type of spritzer. They consist of wine and sparkling water that is usually served over ice or in a wine glass. Rose wine is sometime used if a sweeter tasting spritzer is desired. Party spritzers are usually garnished with fruit like a slice of lemon or strawberry. Spritzers are served during cocktail hour with a variety of appetizers. Since their debut,  party spritzers have evolved into a variety of  flavors. Here is the basic recipe.

  • Bottle of wine( champagne, dry white wine or rose)
  • Eight oz bottle sparkling wine
  • Fruit of choice.
  • Ten oz wine glass (chilled)
  1. Place fruit of choice in chilled glass. If using a peach or pear cut into one quarter inch slices.
  2. Pour wine into glass until half full. . Mixture of white wine to sparkling water should be two parts wine to one part sparkling water.
  3. Add sparkling water until glass is two third full. Never fill a wine glass to the top.
  4. Garnish with mint ,strawberry or corresponding fruit

Party spritzers are a lot of fun to make because you can use almost any type of wine and fruit combination. Try having a Party spritzer wine bar at you next party and have your guests create their own concoction. Think of ways to make spritzers look unusual. Consider serving them in tall Tom Collins glasses over ice or very tall fluted champagne glass for something a little more elegant. The variations are endless

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