Party Themes For Adults


There are so many great party themes for adults. When there are no children involved, there is a chance to go all out with music, drinks and fun times. Here are the top ten party themes for adults.

  1. Jungle. Think cavemen and animal prints. Trees and jungle birds. Have your friends dress in their best jungle gear and get wild.

  2. Luau. Play native music and chill out with a night of margaritas and leis. Go all out with this party theme for adults: grass skirts, coconut mugs and those little colored umbrellas.

  3. Costume. Everyone can dress how they like, as long they aren’t themselves. Ask couples to coordinate their costumes.

  4. Playboy. The ladies wear sexy costumes for this adult party theme, of course. The men get lots of bling.

  5. Disco. The main component to a disco party is a big, sparkling disco ball in the center of the room. The rest requires funky colors, funky music and funky drinks.

  6. Masquerade. Similar to a costume party for adults, a masquerade differs in one thing: masks. Everyone wears a mask and reveals themselves at the stroke of midnight.

  7. Pajama. This one is self-explanatory: everyone wears pajamas. This is a party theme for adults, so rememberthink sexy.

  8. Spa. For adults, this party theme means a night of relaxation. Share massages and maybe a drink or two.

  9. Wine. A wine tasting is the perfect party theme for adults who enjoy a good glass of vino. Invest in a few bottles; ask your guests to bring a bottle of their favorites, as well.

  10. Theater. A night at the home theater consists of movies for adults. This means no Disney or cartoons-tonight is all about the grown-ups.

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