Parvo Symptoms

Parvo symptoms are quite common among humans, cats and dogs. The symptoms vary wildly between the three species because there are different strains of the parvo virus. The B19 parvo virus is the one that causes "fifth disease" in human beings, especially children. Below is a list of parvo symptoms in human beings. 

  1. Swelling of the joints. This is a common fifth disease symptom in both children and adults. The swelling typically occurs in the hands, knees and wrists. Swelling in other joints is also common. 
  2. Pain in the joints. People who experience swelling of the joints may also experience joint pain. Arthritis and normal joint pain are typical parvo symptoms in humans. In fact, many cases of parvo are misdiagnosed as arthritis. 
  3. Fever. People with parvo commonly begin with flu like symptoms, such as fever. Fever often goes hand in hand with viral infections, including parvovirus. This fever is usually mild, but it is there. 
  4. Cold symptoms. Congestion and other cold symptoms are often the first to appear. Cold symptoms do not always accompany parvo, but they are known to occur. 
  5. Facial rash. This is perhaps the best known human parvo symptom. Some people call this red rash "slapped cheek" because it looks like the sufferer has been slapped. If an adult or child has this symptom along with some of the others, they should be tested for parvovirus. 

Parvo symptoms in humans are not very serious. They typically disappear after a few days of mild illness. Adults are more immune to parvo than children and experience milder symptoms. Human parvo symptoms are much milder than in the case of dogs. The dog version of parvo is an intestinal disease with a high fatality rate. 

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