Pasta Salad Recipes With Italian Dressing

There are many variations of pasta salad recipes with Italian dressing. Here are just a few ideas you can try, but feel free to add something else that will make them your own. This recipe can be used as a side dish or you can make it the center of a meal.

  1. Decide what type of noodles to use. You do not have to limit yourself to just using elbow noodles when you prepare pasta salad recipes with Italian dressing. You can use spaghetti noodles, bow tie noodles, or whatever your favorite is if you have one. Prepare the noodles according to the package directions.
  2. Decide if you are going to use meat. You can add diced ham, shrimp, pepperoni, sausage or crawfish. Again, it all depends on your preferences and what flavors you are going for. Or you can leave the meat completely out of pasta salad. The possibilities really are endless in this area again, it depends on the cook.
  3. Next comes the vegetables. This is another variation in pasta salad recipes that you do not have to add. You can add cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, peppers, etc. You do not have to add any of these things, but it can add a little bit of a twist.
  4. Which kind of dressing? There are several different kinds of Italian dressing on the market. Zesty Italian dressing can give a nice tangy twist to pasta salad.

After you have cooked your pasta and decided which ingredients you are going to put in your pasta salad, the next thing is to just toss all of your ingredients together, along with your Italian dressing. If you are going to make it for your main dish, add some bread sticks, and maybe a glass of wine. If you are using this dish as a side dish, you can pair it with just about anything. Enjoy pasta salad recipes with Italian dressing and remember to play around with them, and make them your own.



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