Pastry Chef Attire

The pastry chef's attire is the same attire as the rest of the members of the cook staff in a restaurant. The pastry chef is an extremely important position in any culinary establishment or institute.  The pastry chefs are responsible for providing a restaurant with its desserts or a bakery with its variety of products. Many bakers and pastry chefs work overnight hours in order to prepare their specialties for the business day before it begins. Although a pastry chef may spend his or her time working apart from the rest of the cook staff or in a different area of the kitchen, the attire of the pastry chef remains the same.

  1. The Jacket. The chef's jacket as it is identified by most common observers today was designed in the 19th century by Marie-Antoine Careme.  Careme decided to utilize the color white for the jackets as well as to use the double breasted design that chef's use. The double breasted design was implemented so that the jacket could be reversed in case it accumulated too many stains throughout the course of a day or evening.  The double layer of cloth also helped protect a chef against the high heat of the kitchen.
  2. The Pants. The standard attire for a pastry chef and for all chefs in regard to their pants is to wear straight black slacks. The black slack design was part of the new uniform designed by Marie-Antoine Careme.  Many chefs do choose to wear white slacks or sometimes checked or pinstripe slacks.  This trend began in the later part of the 20th century and is a non-traditional look.
  3. The Hat. A chef's hat or toque has been a part of their attire as far back as the 16th century according to some sources.  The hat of an experienced chef will be taller and straighter than that of a less experienced pastry chef or any other chef. The hats of the less experienced chefs will resemble more of a beret or a cap, while the hat of an experienced chef will look closer to a top hat without a brim. In addition, the folds in the hat are supposed to represent the different ways that a chef can prepare an egg.

The chef's uniform is standard throughout the industry, no matter what expertise a chef may have.  Although some chefs have chosen to take a nontraditional approach to their uniforms, the above referenced pieces are all the traditional parts and appearances of a pastry chef's uniform.

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