Pastry Chef Job Description

A  pastry chef is a chef who specializes in preparing pastries and desserts. They may be employed by bakeries, hotels or restaurants. They are skilled in decorating products and creating attractive designs. In addition, they may also knead dough and assist in preparing baked goods. Their products are all prepared by their own hands. Since they are handling food products, many health departments require that pastry chefs be tested for communicable diseases.

The pastry chef may be responsible for creating recipes and creating prospective menu items. They will also test their products and decide the effectiveness of the products based on customer demand.

A pastry chef may not be required to have a college degree but some employers may require some kind of formal training. This training may take place at a college or university. Many colleges and culinary institutions offer cooking classes for potential pastry chefs. Many culinary schools even offer online classes and allow the students to train in local bakeries as assistants in order to receive hands-on training.

Many employers offer their pastry chefs hands-on training. New employees will work under the supervision of a head chef. Those who desire to advance into management positions may be required to take training classes in food service management.

The salary of a pastry chef depends on the type of organization with whom they are employed. A pastry chef with at least one year of experience can expect a starting salary of $24, 242.  Those who have up to four years of experience can earn as much as $39,405 per year.


Pastry Chef Job Profile

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