Pat Benatar Songs

Pat Benatar songs defined the female rock sound in the early 1980s. Her strong vocals, packed with passion, attracted an enormous fan base around the globe. Benatar’s spandex outfits and sultry red lips gave her a tough, wild aura.

  1. “Shadows of the Night” From its a cappella beginning, “Shadows of the Night” is one of those Pat Benatar songs that bring chills up and down your leg. Undoubtedly, it is the best of Benatar’s collection. Released in 1982, it has catchy lyrics and guitar cords. The hot video for the song features Benatar in a World War II flight suit fighting the Nazis.
  2. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” This song, from her “Crime of Passion” album, gives listeners a real taste of Benatar’s toughness. Released in 1980, it created a stir with its blunt lyrics. When people think of Pat Benatar, they think of this hit single.
  3. “Invincible” This 1985 single was from the movie, “The Legend of Billie Jean.” In this song, she keeps to her battle theme. It is a great song to use during a workout or to psych yourself up. The video featured Benatar in full 1980s costume, wearing only one earring.
  4. “Love is a Battlefield” This 1983 single tackled the subject of teenage runaways. It reached No. 5 on the Billboard chart. The video capitalized on Benatar’s vulnerable appearance, as she appears small in comparison to the men around her.
  5. “Heartbreaker” Released in 1979, “Heartbreaker” has a driving drumbeat that sticks in your mind long after the song is done. In terms of concept and lyrics, it is one of the simplest Pat Benatar songs. It introduced Benatar to rock fans around the world.
  6. “Fire and Ice” Benatar calls men on their mind games in “Fire and Ice.” Like so many other Pat Benatar songs, she challenges and cajoles men into behaving better. It was released in 1981 from the “Precious Time” album.
  7. “Hell is for Children” Pat Benatar songs occasionally take on social issues. This track, part of the “Crimes of Passion” album, is about child abuse. You can hear the desperation in her voice as she sings this song.
  8. “Sex as a Weapon" Benatar plays with vocals in this 1986 single, at times whispering the lyrics. Like many other mid-‘80s songs, you can hear the synthesizer a little too clearly. It doesn’t wash out her hard edge or attitude.
  9. “We Live for Love” Benatar sounds a bit girly in this early Benatar song. She soars into her upper octave for the chorus. Though it was not a big hit, it stands as one of the otherworldly, lighter Pat Benatar songs.
  10. “We Belong” There’s a tone of resignation and completion in this 1984 single. The children’s chorus at the end of the song might be a bit heavy-handed. The movie, “Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Rickey Bobby” played the song at the end, during the kissing scene.



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