Patagonia Wallets

If you're going to get into some wilderness activities this summer, you may want to look at the different Patagonia wallets that are available. Patagonia specializes in making clothing and gear that is designed to stand up to the harsh treatment of being out in the wild while making a minimal impact on the environment. Since Patagonia gear is designed to be used during outdoor activities and travel, you wont find the smart, leather tri-fold wallets that you find at the mall. A Patagonia wallet is usually a small pouch or shoulder bag that is designed to be worn around the waist, over your shoulder or on your back. Patagonia wallets are made to be small enough to carry small valuables, like IDs and cash, with enough room to fit outdoor essentials comfortably without the need for a large, bulky backpack.

  1. The Patagonia Light Weight Travel Sling. This Patagonia wallet is designed to be worn across the body. It comes in a teardrop shape that is made to fit more like a small backpack than a shoulder bag. It has two organizational pockets in the front to hold small items like keys and cash, and a larger pocket that works well for carrying a bottle of water or a map. Add that to the small electronics pouches along the strap, and you have the ideal Patagonia wallet for short hikes and bike rides.
  2. The Patagonia Hip Pack. This is a classic Patagonia wallet that is an updated version of the fanny packs of the '80s. Like with everything that Patagonia makes, this Patagonia wallet is made from high quality, eco-friendly material that is light-weight and durable. It's made to be worn around the waist and has a single compartment that leaves enough room for small items and a small bottle of water. It's not the ideal Patagonia wallet for long trips, but it will do nicely if you're making a short trip, or going on a run.
  3. The Patagonia Hip Chest Pack. This Patagonia wallet does double duty because it gives you the option of wearing it across your chest or at your hip. It has plenty of internal storage, and having two ways to carry this Patagonia wallet means that your hands can always be free for hiking and climbing.
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