Patriotic Tattoos

patriotic tattoo


If you love our nation, you might be a candidate for patriotic tattoos. Getting patriotic tattoos permanently inked on your body is a sign of where your allegiance lies. Patriotic tattoos signal that you are a passionate citizen of the United States of America. Consider these patriotic tattoos:

  1. The Flag There are so many ways to tattoo a flag. It can be waving or flat on a flagpole or not. The US flag can be incorporated into your selected design as a background or it can be superimposed on top of something else.
  2. An Eagle The majestic bald eagle symbolizes our nation. This beautiful bird makes an awesome tattoo as an eagle coming at you or a portrait of the head of the eagle. Either way, a bald eagle symbolizes your patriotic spirit.
  3. Military Insignia If you served in the military, consider getting the insignia of your branch as a patriotic tattoo. Your service to our nation will always be a part of you. Getting military insignia patriotic tattoos is a way to let others know the military is a part of you.
  4. The Statue of Liberty Freedom is a major component of why you love our country. What better way to emphasize it than to get the symbol of liberty tattooed on you forever? You can get the whole statue or just the torch with its flame of liberty.
  5. Preamble Words Choose words from the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Phrases like “We the People…” or “All men are created equal” are beautiful. Choose a meaningful patriotic phrase and get it tattooed in a cursive font.
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