Paul Newman: Style

Learn how to dress like Paul Newman and embrace a subtle traditional style. His look doesn't scream "look at me" with crazy choices or wild hair. Instead Paul Newman achieved his stylish charm with American minimalist fashion.

  1. Custom fit a slim charcoal suit. Purchase a suit with skinny lapels and have it tailored to fit perfectly. This will emulate Paul Newman's rendition of Fast Eddie Felson. A look he perfected in the movie, "The Hustler". Pair with a dark tie, white button down shirt and cufflinks to complete this pool playing role.
  2. Throw on a light blue denim oxford shirt and join a chain gang to beef up like "Cool Hand Luke". Stunning blue eyes help distract from any sweat or simplicity of this outfit.
  3. Iron up a few crisp oxford button downs. These sharp tops, worn tucked into equally crisp slacks are reminiscent of Newman's image in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". 
  4. Soften up with a sweater. Choose a light colored knit that highlights your eyes, or skin tone. Paul Newman knew how to play up the blue in his eyes with light blue sweaters over a classic white T-shirt.
  5. Search high and low until you find the perfectly fitted trench coat. A classic trench coat, worn with the collar popped, is required to achieve Newman's confidence and attitude. Study the characters he played on the big screen for more clues.
  6. Go west young man. Try on a western style plaid shirt. Tuck it into a pair of beat up blue jeans held together with a big cowboy belt buckle.
  7. Under it all, wear white. Pure white undershirts and boxers are a definite Paul Newman look that has popped up in many movies.

Despite his sex symbol image, Newman maintained a 50-year marriage, drove race cars and engaged in philanthropy, now that's style!

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