Paul Pierce Stabbing

Newspaper reports stated there was a Paul Pierce stabbing incident that took place in downtown Boston at the Buzz Club and Pierce almost lost his life in September 2000. All the details are not known, but Pierce was rushed to the New England Medical Center not too far from the club. Pierce, a Boston Celtics basketball superstar, has been playing with the team since 1998 and helped the team win a championship in 2008.   

The Paul Pierce stabbing incident shocked many players and coaches in the National Basketball Association (NBA). However, it also shocked Pierce and it had a very drastic effect on how he viewed his future as a player and as a member of his family. Pierce was told by a doctor that his wounds almost killed him.  He was stabbed about ten times and had to have surgery to repair a damaged lung.

The accused in the Paul Pierce stabbing incident was William Ragland, Trevor Watson and Tony Hurston. Although the details are sketchy, Pierce was attacked and beaten with a bottle and stabbed several times on different areas of his body. Some reports say that Pierce was trying to breakup a fight and another report states that he was trying to walk away from a confrontation when he was attacked. We do know that prosecutors charged all three men with intent to murder.

Pierce will always remember his friends Tony Battie and Derrick Battie because they were able to get him to the emergency room quickly. In fact, it can be said that they saved his life. Sadly, Pierce will never forget this stabbing incident and we all know that he will never forget his friends who helped him. Pierce is a tough guy and that's probably why three criminals had to jump on him.

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