Pay NYC Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are a nasty part of everyday life; luckily though, if you live in New York City it is possible to pay NYC parking tickets with ease. The government of New York provides several convenient methods of paying off parking tickets.

You will need:

  • Access to a computer; or
  • Phone; or
  • Transportation.
  • Financial ability to pay the parking ticket.
  • A check, credit card, or money order.

Paying Online

  1. To pay online first using a computer, log onto
  2. Next, follow the onscreen directions. They will prompt you to provide various details regarding your parking ticket and method of payment.
  3. Then enter all pertinent information.
  4. Finally, submit all the information using the online protocol.

Paying By Mail

  1. First, look at the back of the parking ticket. The back will have instructions regarding the payment.
  2. Next, be aware of time constraints. The payment of the parking ticket must be made within 30 days of its issuance.
  3. Next, write out a check or money order. Neither cash nor credit is accepted as a method of mail-based ticket payment. The payment must be made out to “NYC Department of Finance.” Additionally put the ticket number, your license plate number, and the state of the vehicle registration on the front of the payment.
  4. Finally, mail the payment to: New York City Department of Finance, Parking Violations PO Box 2127, Peck Slip Station New York, NY 10272-2127

Paying By Telephone

  1. First, have a credit card ready for use. The card must be a MasterCard/VISA debit or credit card, American Express credit card, or Discover credit card.
  2. Next, dial (212) 504-4041.
  3. Follow the instructions relayed over the phone.
  4. Finally, be prepared to pay a $2.00 processing fee along with the payment of the ticket.

Payment In Person

  1. Prepare a check or money order or bring one of the credit or debit cards mentioned above.
  2. Visit any NYC Finance Business Center.
  3. Render payment and be prepared to pay a $2.00 processing fee.

While this process is fairly easy make sure to pay the ticket in a timely manner in order to ensure that additional fines and fees do not accrue.

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