Pectoral Exercises

Looking for information on how to do a few pectoral exercises? Many people do not realize that another name for the pectoral muscle is the pectoralis major muscle. For men, the pectoral muscle makes up most of the chest muscles. You use your pectoral muscle for many movements, such as pushing, so it is important that you do not neglect this muscle when you hit the gym. The below pectoral exercises should have you on your way towards having a strong chest in no time at all.

  1. Flies. Flies are one of the best pectoral exercises you can do. To do flies, simply fully extend your arms to each side of your body. To perform this pectoral exercise, simply move your arms in so that they touch each other. However, you do not want to bend your arms at all while you are performing this exercise. To get the most impact out of this exercise, consider laying down on a bench and putting a dumbbell in each of your hands while you perform the flies.
  2. Chest Press. The chest press machine is very similar to the bench press machine. However, when you do a chest press, you are sitting in an upright position, so most people find this pectoral exercise to be easier. When you use the chest press machine, you simply set the weight and position your arms behind each of the handles. You will then press the handles in. The great thing about the chest press machine is the fact that it isolates the pectoral muscle and gives it a fantastic workout.
  3. Pullovers. Another great pectoral exercise to perform a few times a week are pullovers. You may look silly when you are doing pullovers, but the top of your pectoral muscle, plus your triceps, will both be getting a good workout. To do pullovers, you simply need to lay down on the end of a bench. Once you have done that, place a dumbbell in each of your hands and bend your arms so that your hands are behind your head. Using your tricep muscles, straighten your arms so that the barbell is lifted directly over your body.
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