Pellet Stoves Pros And Cons

If you are thinking about buying a pellet stove you may want to check out these pellet stove pros and cons. Pellet stoves can be a great way to heat your home on those cold and snowy days. You can snuggle by the fire with your sweetie and enjoy the ambiance of a crackling fire. Pellet Stove has been around since the 1970’s but there popularity has grown more recently.

  1. The pros to using a pellet stove can outnumber the cons depending on your living situation including the area in which you leave, convenience, and cleanliness. The pellets for pellets stoves are made from the excess sawdust from saw mills. The dust is formed into pellets and dried to remove the moisture. This provides a more even burn for the pellet stoves and uses up waste that would otherwise be thrown away. Pellet stoves also have a thermostat to help regulate temperature much easier than a wood burning stove. Pellets are much cleaner burning. The produce less ash than a conventional wood stove. The pellets are easy to transport. They are normally sold in 40-pound bags.
  2. There are some cons to using a pellet stove. You have to purchase the pellets whereas wood can be free depending on where you live. The pellets can often be expensive or hard to find. Pellet stoves require routine maintenance due to the mechanical parts such as the auger and fan. Since the auger and fan run on electricity if the power would go out you would lose you source of heat. Although you still get the feel of a fireplace the pellet stoves aren’t as pleasing to look at. They are made to burn efficiently so there is less flame and more hot coals. 
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