Perch Fishing Techniques

Perch fishing techniques will give you the edge when it comes to chasing your favorite pan fish. Perch are extremely fun to catch, especially with the right equipment and knowing where to fish for them. Not only are they fun to catch, but Perch usually feed year round; giving anglers an opportunity to catch them throughout the year.

  1. “Right tackle” One way to ensure that your fishing experience for Perch is successful is choosing the right equipment. Having the wrong equipment can be the difference in coming home empty-handed while other anglers will catch plenty of Perch! Choose a flexible fiberglass rod that’s sensitive enough to detect even the slightest nibbles that offers you enough backbone to really set the hook hard! Pair this fiberglass rod with a quality spinning reel spooled with six pound Monofilament and you’ll be ready to tackle any pesky Perch!
  2. “Know when to fish” Another way to increase your odds at catching Perch is understanding when the best times to fish for them is. While all sun/pan fish usually feed throughout the day whenever food presents its self, knowing the best times to fish for them will optimize your chances at catching bigger Perch. Focus on fishing early in the morning, late in the evening, or throughout the afternoon if the barometer begins to drop. To optimize your success at these key times, fish around cold/warm fronts, weather systems, and consistent weather systems.
  3. “The right locations” Finally, knowing the right locations where Perch love to feed and reside will increase your odds at catching trophy Perch. Some of the best places to catch Perch include lakes, local ponds, and below spillways where Perch are prevalent. Once you’ve determined waters that hold Perch, concentrate on areas that contain cover for these pesky little pan fish to hide in such as fallen timber, sandbars, rocks, weed beds, etc. To optimize your chances at catching bigger Perch, focus on areas that combine some of these aspects of cover that are also adjacent to deeper water. When you put it all together, you’ll be well on your way to catching trophy Perch in quantity!
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