Personal Experience: Rogaine Results

Although responses to hair loss products vary by individual, I will testify from my personal experience: Rogaine results rock. Due to poor genetics and a bit of bad luck, I started to lose my hair before my twentieth birthday. Many years passed before I decided to combat my hair loss with Rogaine, whose active ingredient is minoxidil (one of only two FDA approved drugs for hair loss). I had hoped my Rogaine results would be as dramatic as those I had seen in their commercials.

My first try with Rogaine lasted about a year. At that time, Rogaine was new to the marketplace and only a 2% topical solution was available over-the-counter. Using an eye dropper, I diligently rubbed the solution onto my head twice a day for a few months. After the first few initial months, I did get lazy… I would occasionally miss treatments.

This first experience with Rogaine was not pleasant. I found the solution to be oily, giving the top of my head and some of my hair a matted down, greasy look every day. Additionally, the solution would drip onto my forehead, where removing the oily substance was difficult. With this 2% solution, my Rogaine results were minimal. I did stop losing hair but I did not experience any hair regrowth, much to my disappointment. After one year, I stopped using the product as I found these Rogaine results unsatisfactory.

About six months ago, I decided to give Rogaine another try. At this point, I had substantial hair loss on the top of my head; there was a noticeable bald spot. The Rogaine product I selected, and continue to use, is the 5% minoxidil Rogaine foam. The foam is much easier to apply than the solution. Putting Rogaine on my head is much like applying mousse to my hair. There is no residue to drip down onto my forehead, so application is much cleaner than with the eye dropper and solution.

Apparently, the 5% Rogaine solution works much better than the 2%. Where I achieved no hair regrowth before, after three months on the 5% Rogaine foam I could clearly see new hair beginning to form. After six months, this new hair has filled in nicely. While I still have a bald spot, it is reduced in size and my new hair continues to get darker and thicker. I do not miss treatments, and apply the Rogaine foam religiously twice a day.

My Rogaine results this second time around have be great. The product has regrown some hair, and continues to do so. Application is easy, and the Rogaine results speak for themselves.

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