Personality Disorder Symptoms

Personality disorder symptoms differ among the different personality disorders. Since the personality disorder designation is not a specific disease but an umbrella category covering many types of disorders, ranging from paranoid and schizoid personality disorders to the more dangerous antisocial and borderline personality disorders, there is a wide range of personality disorder symptoms. This list covers the widest designation of personality disorder symptoms, present in multiple personality disorders, their presence showing that a further diagnosis may be necessary.

  1. Frequent mood swings. The most common of personality disorder symptoms are frequent mood swings. If someone is constantly mercurial of mood, it could be a sign of some sort of hormonal imbalance or of a personality disorder.
  2. Stormy relationships. If a person is incapable of holding a stable relationship, whether it be familial, a friendship, or a romantic relationship, this could be a sign of another one of the most common personality disorder symptoms. Stormy relationships do not always mean someone has a disorder, but a long history of them can mean just that.
  3. Social isolation. Some people are just loners, but someone who is incapable of normal social interaction may be showing personality disorder symptoms. Social isolation often accompanies the paranoid thoughts that can be a part of many personality disorders.
  4. Angry outbursts. Sudden and violent outbursts are covered by this category of personality disorder symptoms. Again, a single outburst could just be a sign of someone having a bad day, but a history of continuing outbursts likely means a person should be diagnosed for personality disorders.
  5. A need for instant gratification. The need for instant gratification shows a lack of understanding, or capability to understand, the world which plays a part in many personality disorder symptoms. When these persons do not get their way right away, angry outbursts can result.
  6. Alcohol or substance abuse. Whether these are causes of personality disorders or personality disorder symptoms are up for debate, but they can be a result of the need for instant gratification and a lack of understanding of the surrounding world often present in such disorders. Even if not a symptom, per se, alcohol and substance abuse are definitely a sign.
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