Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students

If you are a college student who has to write a persuasive speech, you are in luck, because there are so many great persuasive speech topics for college students. The most important thing about a persuasive is the picking a hot topic. The topic you chose can mean the difference between having a great speech or a disastrous speech. If you want to get an outstanding grade on your persuasive speech, choose one of these persuasive speech topics for college students.

  1. Should Marijuana Be Legalized? This is a great persuasive speech topic for college students, because a few states have already legalized medical marijuana. People, who want the legalization of marijuana, say that it can be used for medical purposes. Opponents say that it is bad for society.
  2. Should Hunting Be Legal? Many avid hunters claim that the meat that they get from hunting feeds their families. People, who are against hunting, claim that hunting is cruelty to animals. There are many great points to both sides of this persuasive speech topic.
  3. Is Homeschooling Better Than Public School? This is a hot topic for parents of school-aged children. Many parents, who home school their children, believe that they can give their children the individualized attention that they would never get in public school. Some parents, who are against home schooling, believe that home schooled children do not get the social interaction that they need.
  4. Should Assisted Suicide Be Legal? This is one of the most emotional topics for a persuasive speech.  Mercy killing and murder are the two opposite sides of this persuasive speech topic for college students. This is such a hot topic, because different people are always facing the death of family members and loved ones.
  5. Should Breast Feeding Be Allowed In Public? No matter where you stand on this issue, it is defiantly one of the hottest persuasive speech topics for college students. People for breast-feeding in public think that mothers should be able to feed their children when they are out in public. Opponents to breast-feeding in public feel like they should not have to look at a stranger's breast.
  6. Should Internet Gambling Be Legal?Many people, who do Internet gambling, say that is just for fun. These people feel like they should be able to enjoy their hobby over the Internet.  However, people against the legalization of Internet gambling believe that gambling is an awful addiction.
  7. Should Bigamy Allowed In the United States?  You can really get a room full of people topic when you bring up this great persuasive speech topic for college students. Many people believe that bigamy is horrible. However, there are people that bigamy should be allowed as part of their religious freedom.
  8. Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?This is another one of the hottest topics for a persuasive speech for college students. Those against gay marriages believe that the definition of marriage should not be changed to accommodate people of the same sex. Those is favor of it believe that homosexuals should have exactly the same rights as heterosexuals.
  9.  Should Smoking Be Allowed In Public Places?Smoking has already been banned in many public places. Non-smokers do not want to have to breathe second hand smoke. However, many smokers still fell as if they still have rights.
  10.  Should Single People Be Allowed To Adopt Children? Since so many people have opinions about who should be allowed to adopt children, this makes a great persuasive topic for college students. Single people, who want to adopt children, feel that they can provide as good of a home as any couple could. However, many people still feel that children are better off when they are adopted by two parents.
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