Pete Rose Stats

The list of Pete Rose stats includes some of the most important numbers in baseball history. Rose was a prolific hitter and played for a long time, leaving his marks all over the record books. Though tainted by a gambling scandal late in his career, Rose is still equated by many with hustle and hard work.

  1. 4,256. This is the most astounding of all Pete Rose stats, and is his total number of hits over his career, a major league record that may never be broken. Rose famously broke Ty Cobb’s record in 1985.
  2. 14,053. This is another remarkable entry in the list of Pete Rose stats, and represents his number of total at bats, more than anyone else in history.
  3. .303. Don’t let Rose’s huge number of at bats diminish his hit total–this is his career batting average, pretty remarkable for someone who had over 14,000 at bats.
  4. 44. This is the number of consecutive games in which Rose had a hit, in 1978, significant because it is the only close challenge of Joe DiMaggio’s famous 56-game streak.
  5. 3,562. A testament to Rose’s durability, this is the number of games in which he played, a baseball record and an impressive addition to the list of Pete Rose stats.
  6. 148.  Rose appeared in at least this many games in a season an incredible nineteen times in his career.
  7. Two. This is the number of times Rose was named an MVP, once as the 1973 league MVP and once as the 1975 World Series MVP. For all the amazing Pete Rose stats, these may seem like a small number, but also consider…
  8. Seventeen. Rose was voted on to the all-star team an incredible seventeen times in his career (and made one very memorable home-plate play, slamming into catcher Ray Fosse, injuring him).
  9. Five. The number of times that Rose led the league in doubles. He was known as “Charlie Hustle” for his all-out, balls-to-the-wall style of play, and many of these doubles were from his sheer willingness to dig deep and beat throws from the outfield.
  10. Three. This entry in the list of Pete Rose stats represents the number of batting titles he won, in 1968 with .335, 1969 with .348, and 1973, with .338.
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