Pharmacy Schools In Texas

If you want to pursue a fascinating career in pharmacy, then you might want to consider attending one of the great pharmacy schools in Texas.  These institutions are a great place to learn the skills you need to be a successful pharmacist and start a successful career.

  1. Texas Tech School of Pharmacy If you are looking for a Texas Pharmacy school that offers students the opportunity to study with some of the most funded and research-intensive faculty in the country, then you should definitely consider the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy.  Furthermore, this fantastic pharmacy school is also home to four centers of research, including the Center for Cancer Biology Research, the Pediatric Pharmacology Research and Development Center, and the Vascular Drug Research Center.  4500 South Lancaster Road; Dallas, Texas 75216.
  2. Texas A&M Irma Rangel College of Pharmacy This Texas pharmacy school was formed with the intention of combating the shortage of pharmacists in the border region, and it has continued to maintain a commitment to sustained research and development.  The graduate degree typically requires four years and an intensive course work load, ensuring that your training as a future pharmacist is both intensive and extensive.  You are sure to gain a strong foundation if you choose to attend this pharmacy school. 700 University Blvd; Kingsville, TX.
  3. University of Texas College of Pharmacy The College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas-Austin provides you with all of the substantial resources of a major research university and thus the training and research you will need to become a successful pharmacist.  Furthermore, if you decide to attend the University of Texas, you can rest assured that you will be attending one of the premier pharmacy schools in both Texas and the United States as a whole.  In fact, “U.S. News and World Report” recently ranked the university as among one of the top four in pharmacy schools in the country.  2515 Speedway; Austin, TX.



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