Phat Farm Belt: 5 Best

American apparel, the Phat Farm Belt: five best. Everything Russell Simmons touches turns to gold. He was arguably the pioneer of pioneers who helped to introduce the Hip Hop culture to the mainstream American world in the 80s. In 1992, Russell founded his Phat Farm clothing line doing what he does best. He introduced the Hip Hop culture to the world of mainstream clothing and dress. Phat Farm blends strong elements of Hip Hop style with traditional American clothing styles creating a unique style that is Hip Hop and American, that is street and classy. Phat Farm has a line of belts that fit that mode. Here are the five best Phat Farm belts.

  1. Phat Farm imprinted leather belt. This black leather belt is probably the most conservative of the belt models…at first glance. A closer look will reveal a detailed imprinting of the Phat Farm symbols on the leather of the belt. "Phat Farm" is also engraved on the belt's buckle. This is a very cool belt.
  2. Interlocking "PF" leather belt. An interlocking "P" and "F" make up the belt buckle. The metal used for the belt buckle is very thick and sturdy. The leather band of the belt is very thick and sturdy as well. For those of you that like belt buckles that stand out, this is a good choice of belt.
  3. The tiger. This Phat Farm belt is easily one of the coolest. The metallic belt buckle is in the shape of a roaring tiger. The expertly done engraving shows a very detailed depiction of said beast. Just like the other models, the leather band of the belt is very thick and sturdy. This belt is a great addition to some sort of hipster like clubbing outfit.
  4. The "Established" belt. The belt buckle is a simple wide plate buckle. It is engraved with the words "Phat Farm". Below in cursive it states "Founded & Established in 1992". The leather band has a faded, worn appearance. Yet, another hot belt for a cool outfit.
  5. The crown buckle. This is easily one of the best Phat Farm belts out. The whole buckle is an intricately engraved metallic crown. The details are painstakingly and awesomely done. The leather band is thick and durable just as the other models. The coolest of the cool as far as belt designs are concerned.
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