Phat Farm Boots: 5 Best

Looking for Phat Farm boots and the 5 best available? Music and entertainment mogul Russell Simmons expanded his methods of money-making in 1992 by introducing the Phat Farm clothing line. If you are into urban fashion or street wear, this brand is right for you. The perfect pair of shoes is necessary to complete your urban ensemble. Phat Farm is known for its footwear, specifically its boots. Here are five pairs of Phat Farm boots that should be in your collection.

  1. The Klondike NQ Boot. This boot comes in the classic tan color but also has dark brown undertones. Unlike many other Phat Farm shoes, these rise just above the ankle. They are made of waterproof leather and have rubber lugs.
  2. The Racquet Weave Boot. These shoes are mainly sold in black and have a diamond weave pattern on them. This shoe also provides good ankle support.
  3. The Hollis. This shoe is basically a cross between wallaby shoes and boots. The are plain in design but very functional.
  4. The Classic Boundary. These shoes also don't necessarily fit the boot criteria but they are essential for any Phat Farm shoe collection. They feature a rubberized sole and a classic shell toe design. The classic Fat Pharm logo comes in a variety of colors with this shoe. You can buy a pair to color coordinate with each outfit.
  5. The Hampton. This Phat Farm boot is the perfect mixture of uptown and downtown style. You can dress them up with a pair of slacks or dress them down with the baggiest jeans you own and a plain white T-shirt. These boots also come in a variety of colors.
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