Phat Farm Boots: How To Wash

Have dirty Phat Farm boots and need a guide for Phat Farm Boots: How To Wash Them? How to wash Phat Farm boots is no different than how to wash any leather boots. Phat Farm boots are leather boots with the Phat Farm trademark and logo. You can wash Phat Farm boots yourself or you can have it professionally done.

What you need to wash Phat Farm boots:

  • Mild soap
  • Bowl
  • Clean cloths
  • Leather conditioner
  1. Make a leather cleaning solution to wash Phat Farm boots. Put some clean water in a bowl and choose a mild soap. Heavy or concentrated soaps can be too harsh to use on leather. If you don't want to buy leather cleaner, a good suggestion would be a mild dish soap. Add only a teaspoonful of soap to a bowl of water.
  2. Use a soft cloth to wash Phat Farm boots. Put a clean cloth in the cleanser you have mixed and ring it out so that the cloth is damp, not really wet. Too much moisture can cause damage to Phat Farm leather boots. All you have to do is wipe the boots with the cloth to remove dirt and residue until the leather material is uniformly damp.
  3. Get another clean cloth. Make this cloth damp with clean water. Wipe off your Phat Farm boots to remove the cleanser from the material. Leather is like any other skin. It absorbs quickly and is sensitive to soap. Soap leaves a residue on leather that will cause overdrying and cracking to your Phat Farm boots.
  4. Dry the Phat Farm boots. Now that you have washed your Phat Farm boots you have to dry the leather quickly. Using a dry cloth pat dry the Phat Farm boots until the material is dry. This will keep the Phat farm boots from getting any watermarks or discoloration.
  5. Last step to wash Phat Farm boots is conditioner. Anytime you wash leather you have to condition it. You paid a lot of money for your Phat Farm boots. You have taken the time to keep them looking sharp. Don't forget to condition the leather so you can look your best for many years to come. You can purchase leather conditioner at any store that sells leather for a low price. Read and follow the directions and let the conditioner dry completely before wearing your washed Phat Farm boots.
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