Phat Farm Jeans: How To Wash

This Phat Farm Jeans: How To Wash Them guide will make sure you keep your jeans in "like new" condition. Have you just purchased a pair of Phat Farm jeans and are wondering how to wash them?  Proper laundry care for your new or semi-new designer jeans is quite simple. These steps will help to avoid shrinking, laundry mistakes and fading. Make sure to launder your jeans with other pieces of the same fabric, except for first time wash of dark colored clothing. Any new item should be washed separately or with items with the same colored dye to avoid dye leaking onto other fabric. 

Your best "how to wash jeans" tool is a simple stain stick. Always keep laundry stain sticks on hand to rub over a stain as soon as you get anything on your Phat Farm jeans or other clothing. Try to avoid smearing the stain in and making the stain larger or worse. If you do get a stain on your jeans the best advice on how to wash them is to wash them as soon as possible and while the stain is still wet if you can. If you get mud on your jeans allow the mud to dry completely. Remove as much dry dirt as  possible before laundering your Phat Farm jeans. The best detergent to wash all fabrics is to purchase a liquid, color stay laundry detergent.

Washing Jeans

  1. Make sure to empty all pockets before washing item.This is the most important tip on how to wash any item. Forgotten pens, etc. can be a disaster.
  2. Pretreat your Phat Farm jeans as needed using cold water to moisten the fabric then apply the pretreater over the affected area. Allow a few minutes to be absorbed into the fabric before putting in the wash.
  3. Turn your jeans inside out to avoid color fading.
  4. Using cold water  on a normal or extended setting is how to wash denim fabric best. Warmer settings will allow for fading of color.
  5. Hanging jeans to dry will prevent shrinking so you may want to add a liquid fabric softener during the rinse cycle or use a 3 in 1 laundry sheet to your wash.
  6. Hang jeans or dry on a low setting to prevent shrinking.


  • To brighten the color on worn jeans or for added stain removal power try adding a bit of baking soda to the wash.
  • Jeans can be ironed if needed or desired. Make sure to use proper settings on your iron.
  • Hang jeans when not in use instead of folding. Buy skirt hangers and hang from the waist band.



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