Phat Farm Shoes: 5 Best

Curious about Phat Farm shoes and the 5 best out there? Russell Simmons is a pioneering genius when it comes to blending the ever-expanding culture of hip hop with traditional American ways of life. Known as one of the trailblazers of hip hop culture, he founded the legendary record label "Def Jam" in 1984, changing music forever. He has since then left his imprint on other facets of American culture, bringing that same brand of culture-modifying creativity. His clothing label, Phat Farm, founded in 1992, is no exception. Phat Farm's clothes are the perfect blend of hip hop culture and the classic American style of dress. No article of Phat Farm clothing epitomizes this blend better than the Phat Farm shoe line. These shoes can be combined with any style of dress and look great, just the way Russell Simmons wanted, street classy and hip hop chic. Here are the best Phat Farm shoes out right now.

  1. The Phat Farm Racquet. This particular shoe model is a hot throwback to the 1980s-era high top basketball shoe. In a culture where styles revolve and evolve, this shoe is the perfect addition to an urbanwear outfit. The coolest version of this Phat Farm shoe is the one that comes in the chocolate, ash and nude colors. A shoe with this color scheme looks good with outfits containing earth tones.
  2. The Phat Classic Boundary. This shoe is for all you B-boys out there. This Phat Farm shoe captures the old-school shell toe sneaker feel. The best version of this shoe is the all white shoe with the navy blue Phat Farm symbol on the side. Really nice.
  3. The Gallaby Boat. Phat Farm describes this shoe as having a nautical feel to it. Sure, its model is what you may find a recreational sailor wearing, but in today's ever-changing fashion seas, it's not uncommon to see the urban concrete surfers rocking this brand of Phat Farm shoe with some dark-colored jeans and a nice polo-styled shirt. Hip hop has no boundaries and neither does Russell Simmons' sense of style.
  4. The Hollis. This is a sneaker and designer-boot hybrid. It has a nice thick rubber sole while the upper shoe is all nubuck. While this style has been done before, the varying color choices make this shoe very easy to match with any outfit. Try jeans and khaki pants with this shoe.
  5. The Phat Farm Hampton Tri-color. This is another blend of a classic shoe style with a sneaker feel. They come in varying three-colored choices. Just like all the other brands, this shoe works well with a variety of styles. With this shoe you could throw on some nice pants and a collared shirt or jeans and a designer T-shirt. Be creative with this shoe!
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