Phat Farm Shoes: How To Wash

Discovering how to wash Phat Farm shoes can be a simple task, especially if you have the right tools to clean the shoes and make them look sparkling new. Most Phat Farm shoes mainly made with man made leather material, which makes it easier to remove dirt stains on the shoes. Gather all the tools you need to bring back a clean look to your shoes.

To wash Phat Farm Shoes, you will need:

  • A shoe brush or sponge
  • All white shoe polish
  • Cleaning solution
  • A clean rag
  1. Remove laces. Before you wash Phat Farm shoes, take the shoelaces off your sneakers for an easier wash and stick out the tongue of the shoe so it too, can be clean.
  2. Wash the shoes. Wash Phat Farm Shoes with a cleaning product that works well with leather material and can get rid of stains, including tough ones. Products already in your home works well with cleaning Phat farm shoes, a liquid washing detergent or Murphy's Oil Soap. Take the cleaning products and mix with small amount of water to avoid too much soap forming on the shoes. Take a shoe brush or sponge and gently scrub the shoes circling the areas where the stains found. If the stain is tougher, scrub the shoes slightly more to get rid of it. After you are done, make sure the shoes are completely clean and free from soap from the product; take a rag to clean the Phat Farm shoes again.
  3. Air-dry the shoes. Place your Phat Farm shoes to dry outside in the sun or overnight in your home. After the shoes are completely dried, apply white shoe polisher to give your shoes a brand new appearance then place the shoelaces into the eyelets. Now you can wear your Phat Farm shoes as you just bought them yesterday!
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