Phoenix Bios

Writing Phoenix bios is not easy to do, because the group rarely gives interviews. Phoenix is a band that was started in Versaillies, France. There are four members in the band as well as several other supporting members. Phoenix won a Grammy award in 2010. Today, millions of alternative music listeners are waiting for the band members to come to their town.

  1. Thomas Mars. Thomas is the band's leader and vocalist. Mr. Mars and other members started the band from a home garage. Thomas has two children with Sofia Coppola, an Oscar winning director. They are planning to get married in Italy this August. Thomas is known as the group's rocker—he loves having fun making records and believes in the group's ability to be self-sufficient.
  2. Laurent Brancowitz. Brancowitz is one of the group's guitarists and can be seen skillfully playing a Finder Bullet or a Gibson. Laurent's real name is Laurent Mazzalai, and he was born on October 19, 1973. He was once a member of a guitar band Darlin. Finding a picture of Laurent is not too common, but he does wear thick black rimmed eyewear and looks more like a computer wizard with long black hair.
  3. Deck d' Arcy. d' Arcy is the the bass player. He has long dark hair and has been rarely photographed by the media. Not much is known about him unless something noteworthy happens. He is also known to be a a nice person like all the other band members. We do know that d' Arcy is very good at playing bass and uses his fingers to pluck and pick. He can also sing a little.
  4. Christian Mazzalai. Christian and Laurent are brothers. Christian is also a guartist in Phoenix. Christian always appears to be more cool and relaxed than the other members when they are photographed. Christian looks like the youngest and all four members are in their 30s.
  5. Other Members. There are other members that help support the band. Jonanthan Chavez does the percussion work, Thomas Hedlund plays the drums, and Robin Coudert plays the keyboards. All their efforts have helped Phoenix become one of the most popular rock bands in the world. Now, they just need to continue to stay out of trouble.


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