Photo Booth Effects

Photo Booth effects can make taking pictures on your computer fun and interesting. The version of the software you have will dictate the amount of effects you can play around with. No matter what, Photo Booth provides effects that may need some explanation for first time users.

  1. Sepia. Sepia is an excellent Photo Booth effect for adding an elegant touch to each picture. Sepia uses warm tones in order to make the picture have a vintage feel. Originally, chemicals were used to process the metalic print of the sulfide compounds in the photographs of yesterday. Today, the digital aspects of Photo Booth takes the old style of chemical processing of photos and makes it into a simple stylistic choice.
  2. Thermal Camera. This Photo Booth effect can be quite revealing! It's also known as infrared camera. This effect uses the thermal heat from living organisms to portray images. This thermal heat is given off by radiation from the heat of the body. This radiation is interpreted by the camera and shows bright reds at the hottest spots in the image.
  3. Pop Art. Pop Art is a Photo Booth effect that tips its hat to the late and great Andy Warhol. His iconic images of pop culture icons have been replicated several times. Because of the culture references related with this type of effect, it is highly recognized. By using a grid of four images with varying saturated colors, Pop Art is one of the funnest Photo Booth effects there could be.
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