Photo Scavenger Hunt List

You can't have more fun than running around campus and town with a wacky photo scavenger hunt list. Grab your camera phone! Just be careful, safe and don't get arrested! The team that comes back with the most photos that match the photo scavenger hunt list wins. Take a photo of:

  1. Icelandic money in your hand. Take a close up of one hand with the money in it. That way, we can verify that the Icelandic money is real. Free hint: Icelandic coins have fish on them and read "Island" for Iceland.
  2. Wearing fancy feathered hats. Your whole photo scavenger hunt team needs to be in the picture. You get extra points for majorly pimped out hats. Maybe your new fashion trend will catch on!
  3. Giving piggy back rides to three strangers. Three members of your team do this. One-to-one rider to carrier correspondence is required. Make sure the riders are complete strangers.
  4. Scanning groceries at a local grocery store. Only one supermarket silly on your team must do this. Make sure customers appreciate your fine service. Ready, aim and draw your scanning gun!
  5. Walking at least four  dogs at one time. Would you call it a bevy of dogs? A fleet? Feel free to get a photo of one member of your team walking the dog pack.
  6. Wearing flippers and a dive mask. The entire team dons aqua-wear for this item of the photo scavenger hunt. Consider taking a little snorkel while decked in marine garb. Good luck on this one if you live in a landlocked area.
  7. At the wheel of a Jaguar. You look good in that car, Bud. Only one photo scavenger hunt member required. The Jaguar does not have to be moving. Judges must be able to identify the car as a bonified Jaguar.
  8. Your arm around a police officer, smiling and waving. You haven't done anything to get nervous about. Just one of your team needs to do this one. Bribing officers with doughnuts is acceptable.
  9. You helping an old lady across the street. At least one of the team needs to do their boy scout duty. Extra points if the lady is smiling. The old lady must be a stranger.
  10. Eating ice cream cones in the library. Beware the wrath of the librarian. Figure out how to smuggle in the cones discreetly. This one requires the entire scavenger hunt team to be in the photo.
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