Photography Terms

In the world of photography the desire to take photographs is what drives the photographer, but in order to take photographs, it is necessary to understand photography terms. Photography terms are very unique and knowing such terms will enhance your photo-taking skills. It will also make your photo shoots easy to accomplish. When you are getting ready for a shoot and aren't too familiar with photography terms, you may be a tad bit lost. However, there is always a silver lining around a gray cloud. Here are a few photography terms that may help you the next time you plan that spectacular photo shoot.

There are countless terms that are associated with photography, but key photography terms consist of the following:

  1. ASA stands for the American Standard Association or ISO (International Standards Organization). The ISO is the standard number for representing film sensitivity to light. It is always important to follow the proper ASA or ISO number printed on the box or package of film.
  2. Aperture is the opening that widens or narrows depending on the f/stop setting. The aperture allows a certain amount of light into the camera to reach the film. The aperture of a camera is very similar to that of the eye's pupil.
  3. Close-up Is a relatively close shot of the subject. A great example of a close-up is a photo of someone's face filling most of the developed photograph.
  4. Depth of focus is the distance of sharp focus in front of the lens to the subject, as well as the sharp focus behind the subject. It is up to the photographer to decide what is wanted in focus (sharp image/clear) or out of focus (unclear/blurred).
  5. Exposure is light making contact with film or paper emulsion. When undeveloped film or paper emulsion is exposed to light, the image that is on it will be destroyed if the right amount of light in a dark room is not used.
  6. F/stop or f/number is the measure of the lens or aperture opening ranging from f/1.4 to f/22. This is usually found on adjustable cameras (manual cameras).
  7. Hot Shoe is part of the camera that is built to mount things such as light to the camera. Once mounted, the light will respond from signals from the camera.
  8. Overexposure is when too much light contacts film, making images extremely light or have no image at all.
  9. Photography is the study and art of taking pictures or photos. Photography is an art that has been practiced for many years and it has evolved tremendously.
  10. Tri-pod is a tool used to mount a camera for steady photo-taking. This eliminates the image on the picture from looking like it's in motion or jagged.

These are few photography terms that should get you well on your way to becoming the great photographer that you already are or ever hoped to be. It's always good to know terms when working with any equipment. Photography is a fun and exciting field to explore. Once you have some of photography terms under your belt you will be unstoppable, and your pictures … flawless.



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