Photoshop Cs4 Tutorials

Photoshop CS4 tutorials will come in handy for any aspiring graphic artist or students or other individuals who want to learn the Adobe program. The best way to learn to use Photoshop is by simply experimenting with it on your own in a hands on manner, but tutorials can greatly assist you in gaining more experience.

  1. Halftone text. One of the simplest Photoshop CS4 tutorials is about how to create a halftone effect on your text. Type a word on a new document first, then create an object to use for the base of your halftone. This should be grayscale. Apply a blur to the object  and adjust the brightness and contrast so that you get a dark blob-like look. Convert your image to bitmap format and apply a halftone screen effect. Choose a frequency of 8 lines per inch and an angle of 45 degrees. Save the halftone text image as a .tiff file.
  2. Enhancing digital photos. This is a very simple Photoshop CS4 tutorial that anyone at any skill level can do. Open a digital photo of your choice in Photoshop. Go to "Effects" and select "Sharpen." This will instantly make the picture sharper in better defining the edges throughout.
  3. Transforming text. To start this relatively easy Photoshop CS4 tutorial, you will have to select a font of your choice and type a word or words into a new document. Apply any colors and effects, such as stroke, that suit your liking. Next, highlight the text and then place your cursor somewhere within the words. Go to "Image" and scroll down to "Free Transform." You can then enter numbers in the X and Y fields at the top middle of the program screen, which will align your text diagonally instead of simply at an upright 90-degree angle.
  4. Remove object or individual from background. This is a Photoshop CS4 tutorial that requires a bit more skill, but it can be done. Choose a picture of a person, animal or object you want to remove from its background and select the "Lasso" tool in the tools panel on the left side of the program. You may want to zoom, but this is not necessary unless the object is very small. Set the feather range to at least 4 percent in the small box at the upper left of the screen. Then, click on a starting point and work your way around the object all the way through, leaving a small bit of the background intact while you cut. Copy your cutting and paste as a new image. You can easily use the eraser tool to eliminate the background portion.
  5. Eye recoloring. This is a truly cool Photoshop CS4 tutorial that is fun as well. Open a high quality photo of a person that is close up so that you can clearly see the individual's eyes. Use the lasso tool to cut the area of the irises in the eyes and then play with Hue and Saturation in the "Layer" options. You can create any color you like.
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